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iC3D Suite 8.0.5 (x64) Multilingual_FULL

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iC3D Suite 3D Design 8.0.5
iC3D Suite is an intuitive 3D modeling package and design software that creates complex models without UVW mapping.
iC3D comes with a direct link to Adobe Illustrator, allowing your 2D Illustrator artwork to map directly onto your 3D model as base artwork or tags.
iC3D Suite - 3D Packaging Design Creative Edge Software has just released version 5 of its groundbreaking iC3D packaging design solution, which contains many important new features.
* iC3D is the only complete 3D packaging solution that combines all tasks from initial packaging design to actual packaging shooting in one application.
* iC3D Suite Point Editor has advanced shape editing tools that provide enhanced glow effects by selectively adding curves, folds, creases, and indentations to the model. The UVW editor allows selective manipulation of artwork placed on 3D models to correct artwork distortion, improve naturalism, and achieve artistic interpretation. Simulated physics automatically calculates the appropriate curves, folds, and twists to create flexible optical 3D packaging, such as bags and pouches, with a single mouse click. Seals Shrink is used to visualize packaging filled with fully sealed bags. This feature complements the existing iC3D shrink feature.
Advanced Shape Modeler is an additional tool for creating very complex 3D shapes and combining shapes.

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重复资源了 !!!
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Thanks Dumplings. Newly released 09/2022. Have fun
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