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Inspector Pro - a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator

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    Here is a new Plugin for AI 2019-2020 ....enjoy...Inspector Pro - a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator(1)
    Plugin only works under windows. | This plugin works only in Windows.

    Inspector Pro - a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator(2)

    The plugin is intended for everyday work on preparing a stock vector. It can find and fix unclosed paths, unparsed effects, rasters and elements behind the artboard, extra and doubled dots, text and patterns, brushes and symbols, and other common mistakes leading to a refusal to accept on stocks.

    The plugin works on the fly. Those. no need to press anything, the check is fast, in real time. If you have a complex vector, and the plugin starts to slow down Illustrator at the wrong time, just minimize or switch from its panel so that it is not visible. Or click the disable checkbox at the bottom. The plugin will stop checking until you activate it again.

    Inspector Pro - a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator(3)

    The new plugin checks the work on the fly, that is, you do not need to press a button to check - the timer indicates that the check lasted 296 milliseconds (<0.3 sec). It is not noticeable to the eye, although it took more time to open such a file - a few seconds, but these are problems of Illustrator, not a plugin. This performance is due to the fact that VIP is written in C ++ with specially optimized code, in contrast to Vector Inspector, which is made in java scRIPt.
    Now let's create a test file with objects of different properties and see what the test instruments show. So, the file contains: open path, shape without filling and stroke (ghost path), envelope distort (I don’t know how in Russian), hidden object (hidden item), locked object (locked item), object outside artboard, raster object, stray point, text, effect object, stroke object, and finally the pattern filled object.
    Inspector Pro - a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator(4)


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