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Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号

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    Functional dimensioning tools for Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(1)
    Compatible with CC 2019

    19 kinds of tools for professional use
    Dimensioning, Scaling, Angle, Annotations and even drawing a title block etc… 8 groups and 19 kinds of tools needed for 2D-CAD drafting will be added to the Illustrator’s tool box. These professional tools are easy to use, just like other Illustrator tools.
    Measure curves freely
    Measuring of curved path or line, that is a missing function of Illustrator, is of course equipped. You can precisely measure any shape freely and instantly.
    Automatic revision of dimension lines
    On version 4, “Dimension Recalculate Button” was newly added. Be more productive with this helpful plugin.

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(2)
    Used by manufacturers in the following fields:
    Sign/banner, Toy, Home Appliances, Lighting, Jewellery, Apparel, Musical instruments, Packaging, Architecture, furniture etc.

    How BPT-Pro4 worksBPT-Pro4 ToolsBPT Information Palette
    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(3)
    The palette indicates the following real-time information:
    • Coordinate of the object
    • Width and height of the object
    • Length and dimension of the object
    • Total measurements of selected objects or segments
    • Snap preference (snap to grid, intersection point or path).
    Recalculation Button (marked as red) is a new feature for version 4. When the object size was changed, clicking this button automatically recalculates the length/dimension and revises the dimension lines.
    * Dimension function can calculate and show the area in mm2, cs2, m2, in2, ft2. Also, you can add two custom units to display them on BPT-Pro info window at the same time.

    1. Dimension ToolsAdobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(4)
    BPT-Pro Dimension Tools

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(5)
    These tools indicate precise measurements of any shape of objects and segments, such as vertical, horizontal, oblique and free curved lines. Even a combination of curve and strAIght line can be measured instantly.

    2. Radius & Diameter ToolsAdobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(6)
    BPT-Pro Radius and diameter Tools

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(7)
    This tool shows measurement of radius & diameter of an arc (part of true circle).

    3. Fillet ToolAdobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(8)
    BPT-Pro Fillet Tool

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(9)
    Transform a square edge to a round by peeling off angles with the “add”, “separate” and “delete” types of tools.

    4. Angle ToolAdobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(10)
    BPT-Pro Angle Tool

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(11)
    Shows measurement of angles both inside the object as well as outside the object.

    5. Slant ToolAdobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(12)
    BPT-Pro Slant Tool

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(13)
    Make revision to a slanted object easily.

    6. Arc ToolsAdobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(14)
    BPT-Pro Arc Tools

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(15)
    Draw an arc with 2 points, 3 points or radius.

    7. Comment(Callouts) ToolsAdobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(16)
    BPT-Pro Comment Tools

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(17)
    This tool is for creating callouts with arrow heads. You can control the angle of arrow and texts by pressing Shift key.
    Comment Length Tool
    This tool creates a callout with object’s length.
    Comment Dimension Tool
    This tool creates a callout with object’s area.

    8. Schedule(Title Block) ToolsAdobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(18)
    BPT-Pro Schedule Tools

    Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(19)
    With Schedule tool, you can draw a title block just in a second with drag&drop. You can save presets in the tool.
    Also, Schedule tools can be personalized just for you on request. Please contact us if you are interested.

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    大神,DP 122的AA优惠点不Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC (- 2019)BPT-Pro4.5.13官方版带序列号(25)
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